South Carolina Association of Opticians


Exam Prep Class

The South Carolina Association of Opticians sponsored 2017 bi-annual state licensing Practical Exam Review classes will be held Saturday May 6th and Saturday November 4th at Robertson Optical Labs, 411 Commerce Drive NE, Columbia, SC 29223.  Registration starts at 8:30am and presentation will start at 9:00AM.

As it is designed to be a Practical review, knowledge of the lensometer and basic optics are necessary. Coverage will include but may not be limited to neutralization, transposition, PDs, OCs, thickness and base curves, adds, highest absolute power, PRPs, unwanted prism, seg measurements and placement, Rx verification, lens identification and markings, prism thinning, Minimum Blank Size, decentration, frame measurements, Effective Diameter, vertex distance compensation, Rx adjustments for specialty lenses, cylinder influence at oblique meridians, slab off, measuring tools and vertical imbalance.  Charts will be provided and all test areas and formulas necessary will be covered. We will read both stock and complete pairs of SV, bifocal and progressives as well as basic prism on individual lensometers. The course itself will be a minimum of 5 actual class hours with most running longer depending on the individual and collective needs of the participants. Lunch will be provided.

For more information or to reserve your place, please call 843-795-7917, Charleston Vision Center or e-mail Fees are $175 per person and the class will be limited to ten participants. Priority will be given to members of the SC Association of Opticians until April 23rd, then open enrollment for any positions remaining.